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Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender
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Review by Bart

My Defender 90 is like a family member to me. From the time I bought it four years ago I never had any problem with it. The driving experience transformed into a pleasure. With all the space in the back of the truck it easily became my favorite car. I work as a carpenter and need to transport different amounts of big and heavy objects. And this one helps me do it fast.Defender 90 is a perfect car for anyone who likes driving through fields and fields. It’s impossible for it to get stuck or stop moving.

It’s also a great car to make everyone around jealous. No one makes them anymore and that makes your Defender 90the rare piece of a car. The performance is great, I love every minute of driving this car. Despite of it’s exterior view it’s a very gentle and comfortable car. And you need to be gentle to drive it too. I wish I bought the same car for my wife so she doesn’t borrow this one so often. Would I recommend this one to a friend? Absolutely, not only to a friend but to anyone with a good taste.

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