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Hello, visitor!

Our names are John and Angelica, we are brother and sister. And we are pleased that you are visiting our site!

Our father used to work in an auto service station, and he took us there along since we were children, as we could not stay at home alone. We were growing up, but also we were spending a lot of time with our father at his work. We even did our home task at the auto service station! :) We have been sticking practically all our free there until we have entered the university.

One day we were talking with our father. He has stopped working in the auto service station, as he has been too old for that work already. He told me he had spent a lot of time viewing the web pages devoted to autos. He kept on speaking about various pictures of cars he had seen.

After our conversation I felt as if I was struck by lightning! We remembered the time we all were sticking in the auto service station together. We dived into studying so deep, that we have completely forgotten about our general passion. We decided to make our father a present.

We started collecting all the best pictures of different cars. When we have collected enough of them, John began creating the website. It has taken a lot of time, but nevertheless we have coped with it, and we still keep improving it.

Initially we just wanted to make a website for we to share pictures of different cars with our father and his friends. But at the time we were collecting the photos, an idea came to our minds. Auto became a great part of our lives, and to make the web gallery is not enough. We decided to make an automobile catalog.

Yes, it is! Our simple gallery turned into a large automobile catalog! We want to create an area where photos of cars from allover the world, even the most incredible, would be placed! And area, where automobile fans from all over the world, will meet together, an area where they will be able to talk and share their impressions!

This is a very ambitious and challenging goal, but we believe that we will cope with it! There are only three of us (our father helps us with our website, too), but we are thinking of widening our team. So join us and our dream!

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