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Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento Kia Sorento Kia Sorento Kia Sorento Kia Sorento Kia Sorento
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Review by Maro Truck

Rating from Maro Truck on five-point scale: Comfort 5 out of 5. Performance 4 out of 5. The external design of 5 out of 5.Interior Design (Interior) 5 out of 5. Value for money 5 out of 5. Reliability 5 of 5. "This car meets and possibly exceeds all advertisements. Fuel (gas) as declared and specified in the sticker, it's a positive thing for me, since most of the cars are worse than what is advertised. Wheel-drive vehicle, which never will slips. trip runs smoothly, despite the fact that it is off-road, and be aware that this SUV is not for 50 000 $. KIA sets most of the options in the car for the price you can afford to almost everyone.installed a fantastic phone with bluetooth Wireless call function and the ability to use my Pandora radio. Supplied with satellite radio, but with my Pandora radio will not be using it.

"do you think this car is worth less than what you paid? No, this car is worth more than you paid for. "I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: Yes. This vehicle was purchased: New. Primary use for this car: use everywhere.

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2013-02-28 06:08:03
This looks like a chines Car.


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