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Hummer - brand cars, known throughout the world and has many fans.

Hummer H3

Hummer H3 Hummer H3 Hummer H3 Hummer H3 Hummer H3 Hummer H3
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Review by Rulohut

The best decision of my life was to buy a new H3. Had it for a year now and never regretted buying it.
I’m a very extreme person and the thing I most like to do when I have time is driving through forests and specially made off roads to feel the power of my car and the joy of controlling it. I can say you’ll become the happiest person on earth when you’ll have your first drive in this H3. Well, you may never drive it off road in your life but I personally don’t see the point of buying this kind of car and never experience it’s full power. It’s not the fastest car in the world but it seems like one of the biggest ones. It’s still a very powerful yet quiet car and when I ride it through the high way I feel the power. The performance is very good. My previous car was a Mustang and I had some issues with the transmission that resulted on the general performance of the car. You can change the tires and make it look even bigger but the main reason to do this would be to have the better riding experience.

I must say that my kids love this car. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they first saw an H3 in the parking lot in front of the house. My wife didn’t think it was a good idea because she doubted the safety of this car. I just need to say that despite of it huge size and not very safe look it’s the safest car I had. And the road trips with my family became the greatest experience driving it. I am very happy with my H3 and anyone who buys it will be too. Would recommend it to a family with kids and to anyone who loves off roads riding.

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