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Volvo 850

Volvo 850 Volvo 850 Volvo 850 Volvo 850 Volvo 850 Volvo 850
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Review by Alanover

Things to watch out for on these cars

The main points that are worth paying attention during the inspection and purchase of the car. Review of Prior 1997 850R owner of the car from Denver, Colorado on August 23, 2009. Prior Rating from 1997 850R on five-point scale: Comfort 4 out of 5. Performance 5 out of 5. The external design of 5 out of 5. Interior Design (Interior) 5 out of 5. Value for money 5 out of 5.Reliability 4 out of 5. "Bad turbo models after 100 thousand miles: from the exhaust begins to flow, and increases the amount of exhaust gases, if the previous owner managed and brutalize the car.

If there is a leak and control of heating, there is a possibility that the seat heaters are not working. rear suspension is broken and bent, leading to premature tire wear, without the possibility of eliminating the problem. Make sure the timing belt replaced. If you are not able to provide it, and it breaks,you will spend to repair the engine for at least $ 5000. Automatic transmission starts to show problems after 150,000 miles. "

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