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Volkswagen Golf V5

Volkswagen Golf V5 Volkswagen Golf V5 Volkswagen Golf V5 Volkswagen Golf V5 Volkswagen Golf V5 Volkswagen Golf V5
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Review by Mik

A great quiet and powerful car. Never expected it to be such a pleasure to drive. Every road trip I go to today is in my new Golf TDI. I don’t even let my wife drive it, but I think it’s just a matter of time that will disappear eventually.

The performance is excellent, it responds to every move even the slightest one. Never had a car before that responded to my commands this way so I had to get used to that.

The interior is amazing, of all the cars I’ve seen when was looking for the one to buy, Golf TDI is a no doubt winner. The exterior design is also a piece of artwork. You may not agree first, but looking at this car for couple of minutes may change your mind. It’s not the most money saving car though, MPG’s are approximately 50 at the driveway and some what 40 around the city. But it’s hard to find a car that would look as good as this one and also save you money. And I choose Golf TDI every time someone asks me if I made a good choice. Will mark it as a 5 for all the characteristics.

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2013-02-11 02:23:04
The vehicle is good but is it 4wheel?


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