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Honda CRX

Honda CRX Honda CRX Honda CRX Honda CRX Honda CRX Honda CRX
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Review by Angela

The best car a girl could wish for. I bought it after my graduation in 2000. Never changed it for any other car since. I mean, how can you change a car that is also your best friend. So here we go: it is very classy, the first time I saw it I fell in love. It’s also sporty, the second reason I fell in love before I bought it. And the size of it lets you easily fit into any parking spot there is.

The back seats can be moved so it basically transforms into a small truck where you can transport great objects like closet or dinner table. I love driving it because of the easy handling and transmission. It seems sometimes that the car knows exactly what I want to do next and does it before I make a move. Never thought a car could be such a dear creature. I constantly have people at the parking lots or at the supermarkets asking if I would like to sell it. Hell no I wouldn’t. I mean, why sell it if it still works as good as it did the firs day I drove it? I know there are plenty of great modern cars out there, but I’m happy with my old Honda. I don’t know why it’s production was ended, it’s MPG are to die for and the performance are the same.

The design is so minimalistic and yet cool I smile every time I see it waiting for me. Would absolutely buy another one if they will start making them again. But as far as to that, I an a happy driver of a happy CRX. Best money spent ever, great design and performance, best MPG there is. Seriously, if you find someone selling it, don’t hesitate for a second.

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2013-01-23 17:07:16
i approve


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