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Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta
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Review by Piter

I had already some experience in driving littler cars so hoped that the Fiesta handles would really well turns around. And it did not let me down. If you ask me, what makes this car different than most of other vehicles I say that it is peppiness for sure.Driving Fiesta you woudn`t merge on highways. Its speed is like in many German cars, you would feel it! What else? The braking system is working without complaints. I have tested my car driving either in the rain or on the icy highway and never felt like I am going to slip off the road. It`s a fantastic feeling of confidence! Only once I was a little bit upset with Fiesta. It was in the very beginning of our acquaintance. Trying to park the car I heard some strange noises in engines that make me strain myself. But later I knew that it is not out of order, nothing what should make you become alerted.

By the way the road noise reduction in Fiesta is perfect, much more comfortable than many luxury cars I've driven yet.

I`ve tested my car with a lot of cargo, it did it well. Surely, sometimes some problems occurs me but I do not worry because always can use a technical support.

What is the most convenient is the cleaning of the interior dashboard, cozy design, and good visibility.

I have already tested and driven a lot of cars mostly for business. They were different: cheaper, luxury, shabby rental vehicles but the most pretty I felt only in the Fiesta. For me it`s the best car in its price niche. Easy-to-drive, reasonable price, smart control.

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