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Dodge Ram Indy 500

Dodge Ram Indy 500 Dodge Ram Indy 500 Dodge Ram Indy 500 Dodge Ram Indy 500 Dodge Ram Indy 500 Dodge Ram Indy 500
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Review by Carl

I finally got to the point where I found a perfect dealer shop with the perfect service and the perfect staff.

The thing about my buying experience is that I can walk out on a great deal if the person that’s selling it to me is not very polite or doesn’t care about the product. I was preparing myself for another pointless visit to the driving center when saw a perfect truck just like the one I could actually buy. And right when I lay my eyes on the car that would be mine in an hour, a manager came to me and started selling it. I know it’s their job to sell cars and they are really good at it, but my manager gave me so many useful advice sand showed me so many tricks I was blown away. I never knew trucks could do that or had this inside. I got exactly what I wanted and now am extremely happy with my new car.

I’m also extremely happy with the customer service and will absolutely recommend that car shop to all of my good friends and family members. I think I even might visit it again just to say hi.

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