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Audi A6

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Review by Carguy

Splendid by Carguy from Colorado. Rating from Carguy - 5 stars

  • Cosiness: 5 from a 5
  • Operational qualities: 5 from a 5
  • Exterior view: 5 from a 5
  • Interior Design: 5 from a 5
  • Price and quality ratio: 4 from a 5
  • Safety: 4 from a 5

I bought the car about two months ago, and still very glad and pleased with it.

If eliminate some problems with the computer mapping, which demanded visit to the service center, everything was all right.Some time ago, I drove more than 1300 miles to the north Wyoming from to Denver sity and back.

It tooks 30 + gasoline inside the state, at 75-80 miles / h and more than 20 miles per gallon in the cities, and I guess it is a good result. I owned Audi car previously, but my present car is more better than that.

I would like to change the tires by "All Seasons" brand when they will wear out, and I am going to buy a set of winter tires. Well-equipped car!

Would I recommend it to your friends? -Yes
This car was purchased - New
The main advantage of this car - For driving in the town and beyond.

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2012-12-05 06:13:05
you know, the A6 is lighter than BMW & Mercedez, for example. and this helps it to feel quite nimble for such big car. Standard suspension provides a decent balance between comfort and handling, so appears a question: why need additional system of pneumat


2012-12-05 05:47:47
Oh!.. women!.. they are always poorly versed in cars .. But to name Audi A6 a terrible car?!this magnificent car! inside and outside!


2012-12-05 05:43:38
Um..I don't know. I think BMW is more convenient. I drive them all my life and I don't plan to change its. In addition: it looks terrible!


2012-12-05 05:36:25
It's cool car! I know a lot af people believe that BMW takes primacy of luxury cars at Audi. But just look at this baby!! It's wonderful! its smooth ride leaves no one indifferent


2012-12-05 05:30:28
from my point of view, this is the best car in the World! i have feeling that it manages me. not i. this car knows where and how you need to drive better. and the new on-board computer does you trip magic!


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