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Audi A5 Coupe

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Review by Tim

Probably the best purchase in your life.

A new owner of Audi A5 gives his opinion concerning his new car.

The owner marked this car for its high quality styling, interior design, comfort, handling and reliability.

“The new 2013 Audi A5 is probably the best car in my life. It costs quite lot of money, but nevertheless car worth every penny. I believe I bought it for its design. And the handling/performance and other stuff were on the second place in my top rate list.Now I speak about my car, about its advantages with anybody who is going listen to me. Its design and performance is just the top of the glacier. People from everywhere give me compliments about my amazing car every time I drive it. It was rather problematic searched manual transmission but I strongly need it. If you decided this car is just for you, don't waste your time, go and buy it. I am absolutely sure you will be not disappointed. Every second you spent in this “baby” will bring a lot of joy.Will I recommend it to my friends, dead sure I will.”

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